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Member Testimonials

When I began my career in procurement, I was provided a membership to NPI by my employer. Membership in NPI was part of the job description and was provided as part of my professional development. Without a doubt, the progression of my career has been a direct result of my association and participation in NPI. The friendships I have made with purchasing professionals across the country continue to be an inspiration to me professionally and personally. I encourage everyone to find the joy I have experienced by being a member of the National Procurement Institute.

Pam Kirkland, CPPO, CPPB
Purchasing Manager
City of Richardson, Texas

The National Purchasing Institute has been a continuous source of support in my 26 year career in public procurement. I have depended on the association’s professional membership, quality professional development and valuable networking to augment my contribution to my entity. Specifically, the Achievement in Excellence in Procurement Award has been a significant force in advance the procurement function I am responsible for. The established benchmarks have guided progressive changes in processes and policies that have improved our efficiency and effectiveness. NPI has not merely kept pace with the profession’s best practices, they have been the leader.

Beth D. Fleming, C.P.M., CPPO
Director of Purchasing
Denton County

When I first joined the Purchasing team of Washoe County School District (WCSD) in December 2008, one of my first assignments was to work on the next year’s application for the Achievement of Excellence in Procurement Award (AEP). Not only did I have no idea what that was, what it stood for, and what was involved, I struggled to grasp the relevance of the award in general. Why was it so important? As I muddled through my department’s previous years’ submissions, I began to discover a great deal about the internal operations of my department and I learned the dynamic and fundamental applications that establish “best practices” in the field of procurement on a nation-wide basis. With the assistance provided by NPI and the superior cast of the AEP Committee, my questions relevant to the AEP process were always within an email or phone call from being answered. As of 2011, WCSD has accepted its 14th AEP award and you can bet that our Purchasing team is working diligently on maintaining that honor on annual basis. Thanks to WCSD and NPI, as a Buyer fairly new to the public sector of purchasing, I’m given the opportunity to learn more every day. With NPI, my department has the support, resources, and is in touch with a collaborative network made of some of the best professionals in the field of procurement. I definitely don’t feel as if I’m “flying solo” in this profession.

Monica Schuerr, CPPB, MBA, NNCCP Chair
Acting Buyer II, Purchasing Department
Washoe County School District, Reno, Nevada

I have been working for the City a little over 5 years and we have received this award for the last two years and look forward to submitting our application again this year. Using the AEP criteria as my guide to restructure and improve the processes that were being used when I arrived at the City have served me well. We efficiently and effectively are performing procurement in a way that assists the departments to accomplish their core functions. The purchasing division adds tremendous value to the organization and this award has helped us track and show that growth and value in our performance as procurement professional. The AEP is my personal professional validation of where I have been and where I can go in my selected profession.

Jamie Brockway, MBA, A.P.P
Purchasing Manager
City of North Richland Hills, Texas