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January 1 to December 31

Regular Membership Regular membership is open to any person interested in the supply management field directly related to government, education, healthcare and institutional agencies provided that such person cannot be primarily engaged in sales activity; nor solicits business on behalf of such person of his/her employer during meetings of any NPI activity.  Membership in this category includes membership in the Institute of Supply Management. $220.00
(Plus $20.00 One-Time Fee paid to ISM)
Dual Membership Dual membership consists of individuals who are qualified for regular voting membership, as defined above, and who are members of other ISM affiliates whose national ISM dues are paid through other such affiliate membership.  Dual members have full rights and privileges of NPI regular membership and their NPI dues shall be set lower to reflect the fact that their dues to ISM are paid in another affiliate. $90.00
Associate Membership Associate membership consists of individuals who are otherwise qualified for membership. Associate membership does not include membership with ISM. Associate members may vote on NPI matters requiring membership vote. $90.00
Student Membership Student members are nonvoting, dues-free members of NPI and are considered as a separate membership class for reporting purposes.  Student members may be regular or dual members of NPI. $0.00
Retired Membership Any regular member whose dues are currently paid on a continuous basis who retires shall continue to be eligible for membership.  Retiree membership dues will be half of the current NPI rate.  
Lifetime Membership A person who has been a Regular member for a period of ten (10) years or more, has retired from all regular employment, and has been approved for Lifetime Membership by a majority vote of the Regular Members of NPI is eligible for Lifetime Membership.  A person who meets this category shall not be charged dues.  
Honorary Membership Honorary membership may be granted to non-members who have rendered valuable service to NPI.  Any regular member or any person on the Board of Directors may submit nominations to the voting membership.  
Member in Transition A member in transition is a regular member whose dues are currently paid on a continuous basis who becomes unemployed shall continue to be eligible for membership for up to 12 months following notification to NPI.