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NPI Membership Benefits

The National Procurement Institute’s mission is to promote the achievement of excellence in governmental and institutional procurement through education, certification, professional development and networking of its membership. Its vision is to be recognized as the leading national association of public procurement professionals dedicated to establishing and maintaining high standards of education, certification, professional development, leadership and ethics.

Members of NPI represent the current and future leaders of the public procurement profession. The Achievement of Excellence in Procurement Award symbolizes organizational excellence in innovation, professionalism, productivity, e-procurement and leadership. The Annual Conference and Products Exposition offers an intimate setting for delegates to focus on leadership skills and best practices while building lasting relationships.

NPI offers its members many benefits including:

  • An intimate network of the current and future leaders in public procurement
  • Opportunities to shape the future of NPI through service on the Board and Committees
  • Current employment opportunities
  • Access to submittals intended to demonstrate excellence as achieved by successful AEP applicants
  • Membership Directory providing access to a network of sources for solicitations and contracts
  • Discounted AEP application fees
  • Discounted Annual Conference Registration
  • Scholarship opportunities
  • Additional ISM benefits with the NPI "Regular" membership package

As a member of NPI, you and your organization will enjoy the support of a thoughtful, strategic professional organization that has been dedicated to supporting the evolving needs of its membership since 1968.